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“Featuring the best in oxygen products at everyday low prices!”

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So why go the OXYGEN and MINERALS route? Simple. Everything in your life depends upon you first having enough oxygen and minerals!

Before you fill your body full of other supplements, consider this… The oxygen we breathe is chock-full of pollution accumulated over the last two hundred years. The food we eat comes from soils that have been zapped of much of their nutrients due to overuse and abuse.

It’s like this – bacteria, viruses, fungi and all sorts of nasty things that can cause your health to deteriorate can’t survive in an oxygen rich environment! Energy = Oxygen. This isn’t ‘rocket science’.

But you just can’t take active oxygen and mineral supplement just once and expect it to perform miracles. This is a long-term fight.

Happy Oxygen!

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Mr. Oxygen’s® OxyLift®


The ultimate every day safe multi oxy-supplement for the masses.

Please don’t ask us how this compares to anything else, as this is the best with a singularly unique formula and any attempts at comparison with any other product only take the focus away from the great results obtained.

6 of Mr. Oxygen’s® 7 ‘Crown Jewels of Health’™ all rolled into one blend at a substantial savings!

Sorry, you’re still the only one responsible for Crown Jewel #7 – your own mental and spiritual balance.

A highly efficient synergistic blend of powerful nutritional supplements providing the body with oxygen, hydrogen, structured water, etheric respiration energies, major and trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

A survey of 100 OxyLift users proved that those who took it – continuously for weeks as directed on the label – loved it, and those merely dabbling in it off and on for just a few days have missed the whole point and benefit of the continuous application of a mild oxygenator. Which group do you want to be in?

Formerly OxyMune® This all-in-1 concentrate is a breakthrough in value, a breakthrough in price, and comes in an easy-to-carry one ounce pocket-friendly 1 oz. bottle dispenser. Now with Oxy-Uptake!

Nice 1 ounce round bottle. Approximate one month supply.

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Alkalinization Protocol:
Once you have followed label directions for a while, and your body is used to OxyLift (evidenced by cessation of initial detoxification symptoms) try taking 1 teaspoon per day at the same time of day for 30 days. Then resume label directions.

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Mr. Oxygen’s OxyEarth

Mr. Oxygen’s®
Plant Minerals, MSM, & Ester-C
In Veggie Capsules
Mr. Oxygen’s Second Crown Jewel of Health, & Better than just MSM or Colloidal minerals!!

Mr. Oxygen,® Ed McCabe personally designed this formula for us! We are proud to be the first to introduce his first offering in his Mr. Oxygen® product line.

U.S. Senate outlines everyone’s problem in 1936!

U.S. Senate Document 264:[Erosion and unwise farming methods] have led to mineral-depleted soils resulting in mineral-deficient plants, livestock, and people . . . . .the alarming fact is that food now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals are starving us — no matter how much of them we eat. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach isn’t big enough to hold them. . . . Laboratory tests prove that the fruit, vegetables, grains, eggs, and even the milk and meats of today are not what they were a few generations ago. . . . It is bad news to learn from our leading authorities that 99% of the American people are deficient in these minerals [74th Congress, 2nd Session, 1936].

Some quietly paid to scare you back to the old ways say: “Most Americans are not slowly starving to death or dying from mineral deficiency.” Our response? Then why are there so many illnesses and chronic maladies in modern times? Why has our collective health declined? Hint: Lack of Oxygen and Minerals?

Most people are really nutritionally worse off now, 70+ piling up deficiency years later. And most don’t want the bother of – or can’t – carry a bothersome pocketful of pills. These plant minerals with MSM (sulphur) & Vitamin C are designed as one half of a simple 1-2 system supplying the most basic missing critical elements and supplements you need. These minerals are the PERFECT compliment to OxyMune!

Now you will have only two basic things to carry around and take with every meal for long term goodness – OxyMune & OxyEarth.

This is the answer to easily and conveniently supplying THE most important things MISSING from everyone’s daily diet.

Unpolluted prehistoric plant derived colloidal minerals are high tech blended in exacting harmonic ratios with very necessary missing and super important to you oxygenating MSM. Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound derived from pine trees. MSM and its related compounds are the source of 85% of the sulfur found in every cell of all living organisms. It is the fourth most plentiful mineral found in a healthy body and it also occurs naturally in fresh, organic, fruits and vegetables. However, most of the MSM in our food is lost in washing, cooking, steaming, packaging and preparation. In short, modern agriculture and food processing have robbed our food of the natural sulfur we need. Naturally occurring sulfur, such as that found in our supplement using Lignisul MSM, is not to be confused with inorganic sulfides, sulfites and sulfates, to which, many people are allergic. What are the Facts About MSM Supplements? Oxygen America, Inc., uses only Lignisul MSM, which is the first patented brand of MSM specifically developed as ultrapure food grade for human consumption as a nutritional supplement. Lignisul is a non-animal based nutritional supplement derived from pine trees. Unlike most forms of MSM, including those imported from China, which are synthetic, Lignisul is an all-natural source of MSM. In addition, it has been certified Kosher-Parve by the Kosher Overseers Associates of America.


One of the safest substances, MSM’s toxicity can be compared to that of water. Divided doses are the most effective and for optimum benefits MSM should be combined with copper, zinc, and silicon (All in our OxyMune Product) and vitamin C, which we package with the OxyEarth MSM.

Of course we have the perfect ratio of gentle Vitamin C to activate the MSM and also supplement the body’s missing immune and rebuilding system Vitamin-C.

This super absorbable mineral blend is a Hi-Tech dried concentrate with a full range of natural pure prehistoric rainforest plant minerals. These are not rocks!

Bonus! Enhanced with cutting edge “rebuild” and “repair” subtle energies.

And it’s all in convenient easy-carry veggie caps, so there are no big heavy quart bottles of liquid to carry around or use up valuable space! Only take with you exactly what you need for the day.

Always take these and your OxyMune everywhere you go.

Instead of ending up perpetually chasing symptoms – be sure you get ALL your major bases covered first.

Article on OxyEarth™

Complete Powdered Plant Minerals with
Lignisul TM MSM, & Ester-C TM
Mr. Oxygen’s TM Second Crown Jewel of Health!

Mr. Oxygen TM Ed McCabe© personally designed the OxyEarth TM formula. We are proud to be the manufacturer providing his very first offering of the Mr. Oxygen TM formulated Crown Jewels of Health product line.
Ed carefully examined two serious questions; “Why are so many people so unhealthy so often, and so early, in life?” and “Why is it estimated that more than 70-80 percent of Americans are taking drugs every day?”
After spending years conducting thousands of interviews with the most successful international doctors and healers the answer was obvious to Ed. He perfected his Crown Jewels of Health Philosophy – and our OxyEarth TM was born. His first formula supplies the major components of his #2 Crown Jewel – a full spectrum of unpolluted organic plant minerals, MSM, and Vitamin C – all commonly missing from our meals!

Ed’s philosophy was to first find out what the most important missing natural elements were that are lacking in us due to the errors of corporate employee greed, soil overuse, and other mega-business artificial farming, production, storage, and transport practices. He then formulated a best of the best supplement response, so we can now re-supply the world’s people with the highest quality, and most important base level ingredients that are deficient in our modern world bodies. The prime missing mineral ingredients that we usually do not get are all in this formula. OxyEarth TM is designed to benefit the most people possible with the highest degree of efficiency in the shortest amount of time.

Instead of perpetually chasing symptoms, first be sure you get ALL your major basic dietary deficiencies covered. Then try something else if needed. Nowadays it’s the very rare person’s diet that isn’t deficient somehow, especially when it comes to Oxygen, Water, & Minerals.

In our busy lives we don’t want the bother of (or can’t carry) a pocket full of all kinds of different pills. People are rightly confused because they have so many supplements and health fads being pushed at them. They wonder, “How can I do it all?”

Now you can relax. Just start at the beginning of Life. True healthy nutrition starts in a very simple place – with the basic building blocks of life. In other words, start with Mr. Oxygen’s TM Crown Jewels of Health , providing major elements you are made of that need constant replacement. The 3 most desperately needed health crown jewels are simple: Easily absorbable forms of natural Oxygen, Plant Minerals, & lots of Clean Oxygenated Water. Only after you consistently get these base items into you in proper proportion daily should the other supplements come into consideration.

OxyEarth TM ancient rainforest plant minerals with MSM & Vitamin C are designed as one half of a simple 1-2 system supplying the two most basic missing critical elements and supplements that you need. The OxyEarth TM minerals are a PERFECT compliment to OxyMune ! And of course, you drink them with pure water.

For long term basics supplement goodness you now have only two things to carry around with you every day and everywhere that cover all the major bases at once: OxyMune & OxyEarth TM . Take them daily with every meal to help your body get what it needs most importantly. This amazingly simple – yet super powerful long-term combination is the simplest and least expensive and most convenient answer to easily and conveniently supplying THE most important things missing from most everyone’s daily diet. Many diseases start out as masked dietary deficiencies.

Minerals OxyEarth TM’s main ingredient is a full range of unpolluted easy to absorb powdered prehistoric (unpolluted) plant derived colloidal minerals dried by methods that preserve their natural effectiveness. This super absorbable mineral blend is Hi-Tech yet also a natural concentrate of ancient rainforest plant minerals. These are definitely not the usual small un-absorbable ground rocks commonly being sold as mineral supplements. OxyEarth TM’s minerals are blended with the best Lignisul MSM available and the gentlest Ester-C Vitamin C. And, they are always formulated using leading edge proportional subtle energy harmonic ratios for maximum effective synergistic harmony.

Absorption and Sulfur “What good will the best supplements supplying oxygen and/or minerals be if you can’t absorb them fully?” Here’s where OxyEarth TM ‘s Lignisul MSM comes to the rescue! MSM is a breakthrough in replacing the lost organic sulfur resulting from the “broken sulfur cycle.” Much of our family’s dietary sulfur disappeared when they stopped fertilizing the fields with nature’s free ranging animals’ manure.

Sulfur and sulfur delivering compounds naturally found in undisturbed fertile soils play a vital part in maintaining cell wall permeability. Every cell’s abilities to hydrologically bring enough clean oxygen and minerals through their cell membranes, burn them, and then push the toxic waste out through the same membranes all combine and determine your health. The efficiency of this transfer ratio is vital to your maintaining a healthy life. This is why Ed put extra organic MSM together with these super absorbable organic minerals and our ‘gentle on the tummy’ form of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C MSM is considered an oxygenator because it helps the cells stay flexible so they can oxygenate themselves, and the Vitamin C in turn helps the cells absorb the MSM! Vitamin C is one more thing also too often missing from our food, yet it’s necessary to maximize MSM absorption. Our Vitamin C also supplements the body’s immunity and rebuilding system deficiencies. Of course our gentle Ester-C Vitamin-C is in the perfect harmonic ratio along with the other ingredients.
Subtle Energies Bonus! The complete blend is even further ahead of the curve by being supercharged with specific beneficial subtle energies developed exclusively for us by leading European physicists.

Our Mineral/MSM/C blend is in convenient easy-carry veggie caps, so there are no big heavy quart bottles of liquid minerals to drag around or take up valuable space! You only take with you exactly what you need for the day, a few OxyEarth TM capsules and a small pocket-friendly bottle of OxyMune . Its now easy to take important base-level life building blocks along everywhere you go.

“Welcome to the future of supplementation!”
Copyright 2004 OxyMune, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Ed McCabe © 1967

OxyFlush Colon Cleanser

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Mr. Oxygen’s® OxyFlush®

70% of Your Body’s Immune Defense Is In Your Intestine!
Want to clean your bowel and intestines but don’t like having to taste powders and lemons? OxyFlush® is the answer.

Get it ALL out. Especially useful if you are taking another oxygen supplements throwing out wastes that need elimination. Special powerful colon oxygenator/ozonator/cleanser in convenient take-along-anywhere vegetable capsules!

Plants use magnesium to carry oxygen. Magnesium based oxides and ozonides release oxygen and ozone throughout the digestive system and beyond so the body can flush away accumulated toxins and mucous plugging up your cellular membranes and elimination systems.

Can also be used as a simple stool softener, just take less!

OxyFlush is not like other common colon cleansers. Magnesium is the carrier, but it’s the ozone and oxygen that do the work.

There is no electrolyte loss or weakness. Some assume that all colon cleansers cause electrolyte loss without understanding OxyFlush is different. This was because old-fashioned cleansers like Milk of Magnesia pull salts from the blood to cause a flushing in the colon.

Unlike stimulant, or irritating, or slightly toxic colon cleansers, OxyFlush not only cleans the colon, but the small intestine, the large intestine, and the colon. It does so by simply oxidizing impacted fecal matter. This means simply removing hydrogen bonds in the waste. It does NOT produce diarrhea. It simply turns solids into liquids and gasses; it breaks down waste into liquid and gas and expels it. There is no big electrolyte loss as with other cleansers. There has never been a case of dehydration or electrolyte imbalance as long as you drink plenty of water. Taking extra water will definitely further help improve your cleanse. Be consistent with using it.

Combine OxyFlushTM with OxyMuneTM and OxyEarthTM for the most amazing simple and powerful wellness program ever invented.

Take these three every day without fail for months – and you may find this is all you need, and that everything else is just so much hype.

For a real detox (you’ll see what we mean), take more, and take it more often.

And whenever we do that we’re so full of new energy that we suddenly remember the feeling and remember how toxic and slowed down we have become living here, and when that layer of slime covering all our cells is oxy-bubbled away we realize how easy it is to get our natural energy and immunity back through active oxygen intestinal supplementation.

Complement the detox foot pads

These oxygen products work extremely well along with the detox foot pads — if you try these three products every day for a month, along with detoxifying with the detox foot pads, you will see an amazing change in your life!

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