EnzyBiotic Enzyme & Probiotic Blend Digestive Aid

EnzyBiotic Enzyme & Probiotic Blend Digestive Aid 60 capsules. Take one or two capsules each day with a meal.

It is a blend of plant-based digestive enzymes and 10-strain probiotics.


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EnzyBiotic® is a superior digestive aid. EnzyBiotic® is our latest breakthrough in digestive enzyme and probiotic support. It is a blend of plant-based digestive enzymes and 10-strain probiotics.

All-In-One Support For Digestive Wellness. Healthy digestion requires a balance of digestive enzymes and probiotics (or “good bacteria”) to
properly break down food in the stomach and intestinal tract. EnzyBiotic® combines the benefits of plant-based enzymes with 10 active probiotic strains for a comprehensive, all-in-one supplement formulated for multiple digestive benefits.

Digestive enzymes and probiotics naturally help the digestive system break down vital nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for efficient digestion and enhanced nutrient absorption.

Who is it for? EnzyBiotic® can be used by anyone looking to supplement their diet with digestive enzymes and probiotics, or who are experiencing common digestive discomfort such as:

• Bloating
• Gassiness
• Indigestion
• Leaky Gut

Stomach Health. Digestive enzymes naturally support the digestive process in the stomach.

Intestinal Health. Active probiotics promote “good bacteria” in the gastrointestinal tract.

Immune Health. Digestive enzymes & probiotics can help modulate the immune system, enhancing the body’s immunity.

EnzyBiotic® meets cGMP standards and is manufactured in our FDA compliant and registered facility. It is gluten free and made in the USA.


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