Orgonite Tower Buster – Imperfect

This is for one imperfect tower buster. Exact one as shown in the photos. The best thing would be to have some in each corner of your house. Minimum 4 pieces. Otherwise, place a single piece near your bed while you sleep, for the best protection.

The most potent orgonite  EMF protection is a ratio of about 50:50 to resin and metals (plus the quartz crystal inside).

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Orgonite Tower Buster – Imperfect

Tower Busters are great Orgone generators for gifting, EMF protection, or gridding your home. (Gridding your home for EMF protection amounts to putting a tower buster or pyramid on each corner of the home — I do it on the outside of the house, and also on the inside. Most people only do it on the inside. I also use these (smaller ones, not these in particular) in each of my garden boxes.

These orgone tower busters are round in shape (sort of like a puck) and the bottom diameter is just over 2 1/2″.

What is Orgonite?

Orgone is a type of energy that surrounds all of us. It is unseen and rarely has been measured, but influences us by providing a conduit for all of the other energy that is around. When the orgone field is disrupted, electromagnetic, gravitational energy and auras are all affected.

Orgonite is a material made specifically to capture, cleanse and release orgone energy. It is a combination of quartz and tiny metal pieces held together by a resin. It provides protection against electromagnetic pollution (EMF).

The main reason I have it around my house is to protect against EMFs. The main reason I wear a pendant is because I am always on my cell phone, playing around or browsing social media or texting a friend.