Get Your Detox Foot Pads Tested

You can now get your detox foot pads tested! ONLY $25/PAIR. Purify Your Body has located a company that tests these detox pads. This testing company is not affiliated with Purify Your Body in any way, so any questions you have, please direct to them, as Purify Your Body will not be able to answer them. Click “here” to download the order form.

The testing process is easy, and it takes about 2 weeks or so once you mail the foot pads. Please be sure to note anything you might think you have been exposed to, or other chemicals or toxins you may want to have them tested for, that are not on this list. Dr. Brooks will be able to test for those elements as well. Since everyone is unique, he just put the 25 most common toxins on the list. But know that he can test for whatever you’d like. There is an area on the order form to write in your comments.

Also, please note that the foot pads show the toxins that you pulled out on that particular day. Depending on many factors, your body may be holding certain toxins, or expelling toxins that are uncommon for you. Take it for what it is worth — it is a great opportunity to see what is going on, and maybe test a month or two later to see what is different.

The test results will either be emailed in an attachment, or mailed back to you.

Here are the default toxins that they test for:

_____Aluminum      _____Mercury
_____Antimony      _____Mold
_____Arsenic      _____Nickel
_____Asbestos      _____Parasites
_____Barium      _____Platinum
_____Cadmium      _____Radioactive Fallout
_____Chlorine      _____Radiation Reaction
_____Cobalt      _____Stainless Steel
_____Copper      _____Thallium
_____Fluoride      _____Tin
_____Formaldehyde      _____Titanium
_____Gold      _____Uranium

Click “here” to download the order form.