Time after time I get asked questions about what products and companies I recommend. So I will post those recommendations here with links to the products. Many of them will be affiliate links, which means that if you purchase something from the site, I may get a small percentage of the cost. This doesn’t affect the price for you.

Products I recommend every household to have:

The UTI test strips are wonderful to use at home to check for urinary tract infections so you know whether you need to go to the doctor. The activated charcoal is great to have on hand for food poisoning, or stomach flu. The manuka honey is great to use topically or internally for infections. The strep test kit is a great time and money saver that you can use to see if your kiddos have strep. If they test positive, then you can take them to the doctor. But if they test negative, then you might be able to treat their cold at home. The arnica homeopathic is great for any trauma — emotional or physical — and really helps the healing time. And the elderberry syrup is great for flu season and it tastes yummy so your kids will take it.

Products for overall health:

These are some products that I use on a regular basis. Both of the B complex formulas I trade off using, but they are pretty similar in quality and great for folks with MTHFR issues. The magnesiums are high quality and absorb able. The Complete Tissue & Bone salve is AMAZING for injuries including broken bones and sprains.

Grocery Pickup.

Lots of folks may demonize WalMart but when you live in a small town with not many options, WalMart Grocery Pickup is awesome. Click on this link to get $10 off your first grocery order. 

DNA Testing

For those looking to get answers to their chronic health issues, DNA testing is a good way to find out information. However, you should be sure to read the fine print on what the companies do with your DNA…. of course you can use a pseudonym when you get your saliva tested, but it is up to you to figure out whether it is worth it to you. I think it was well worth it for me. And I used Sterling’s App to interpret the results.  The “Ancestry” only version will give you what you need (you can download the raw data) and then run it through Sterling’s app. You also can buy it on Amazon here

AncestryDNA. This is the one that we recommend, based on the number of genetic SNPs it tests for. It is the most thorough of the two right now and the one recommended by most professionals. You just download the raw data and upload it to Sterling’s App for $30, or Genetic Genie.

Have trouble sleeping?

sleep remedy from Purify Your Body
This is the BEST sleep remedy I have found.  Check it out.

If I ever have trouble sleeping and want to get to a deep sleep, I just put this on, I have a sleepwear headset, and within 15 minutes I am out cold.