Candida Killer Herbal Formula

2 oz candida killer herbal formula. Fresh and potent.


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Candida Killer Herbal Tincture

This candida killer herbal tincture is made from high quality herbs and ingredients — some of which may have grown in my garden! Many people have an overgrowth of candida albicans and don’t know it. They suffer from multiple chronic diseases and may wonder what is going on with their body. This formula was made specifically to help those with candida issues. Many of the herbs are anti-fungal and anti-microbials as well, which will help your body fight off these pathogens. This formula would be good paired with the parasite formula. The herbs included in this candida killer formula are:

Artemisia Annua (sweet wormwood): Research has shown artemisia to have benefits in cases of malaria, worms, cancer and autoimmune inflammatory diseases. The main compound, artemisinin, may also have anti-inflammatory benefits, which could be useful for treating inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. For example, it might help treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Garlic: Antihelmintic: kills intestinal worms. Anti-asthmatic: eases constricted breathing caused by asthma. Antilipemic: promotes a reduction of lipid levels in the blood. Anti-epileptic: reduces frequency or severity of convulsions. Anti-hypertensive: benefits high blood pressure. Antimicrobial: kills microorganisms or inhibits their growth. Antiseptic: reduces the possibility of infection, sepsis, and/or putrefaction. Antispasmodic: combats cramping and spasmodic pains, particularly in the digestive tract. Antiviral: fights viral infections. Aphrodisiac: stimulates sexual desire. Carminative: helps to expel gas. Diaphoretic: induces sweating. Emmenagogue: promotes menstruation. Expectorant: helps to expel mucuous.

Goldenseal: Goldenseal was used by Native Americans as a treatment for irritations and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory, digestive, and urinary tracts. It was commonly used topically for skin and eye infections and has been used historically as a mouthwash to help heal canker sores . The known actions of Goldenseal’s constituents are vast, affecting the immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system and mucosal membranes in general. There have been numerous studies validating the immune potentiating effects of these chemicals.

Grapefruit Seed: grapefruit seed extract possesses antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties and recommended its use for the treatment of candidiasis, earaches, throat infections and diarrhea.

Oregon Grape: Oregon grape is bitter, and can also be used for sluggish digestion, which might manifest as constipation, bloating, tongue coating, dental problems, gastric reflux (heart burn), and other GI symptoms. It can also be used for diarrhea-causing infections like Giardia. As a bitter herb, Oregon grape can also serve as a hepatic or liver supportive herb. Several studies support its use in regulating bile acid metabolism. It contains berberine, an alkaloid with antibiotic and antifungal activity.

Olive Leaf:In addition to major metabolic and cardiovascular perks, taking olive leaf extract has also been shown to provide antiviral, anticancer, and neuroprotective benefits.

Pau d’Arco: Good for fungal infections, such as ringworm, candida, internal inflammatory conditions, cancer.

Herbal tinctures as medicine

Why are tinctures a preferred method of taking herbs? Because tinctures are potent! You don’t waste your money on pills that have been in the manufacturing process for months / years and lose potency! With an alcohol base, the tinctures pull out all the medicinal benefits of the plant, and preserve them naturally for you! They don’t lose potency over time.

With that being said, they are in a non-gmo vodka base. Which is fine for most people. But some people prefer to avoid alcohol in all forms. (even by avoiding real vanilla extract) and we support that choice. These tinctures aren’t for those people. Because of the potential for bacteria to reside in glycerine tinctures, we have decided to only offer vodka based tinctures. These herbs are edible and considered safe for most people. Some people may be allergic to certain herbs and should not use them. It is always best to consult your doctor before using any herbal product if you are taking prescription medications or have a health condition.

INGREDIENTS:  Artemisia, Garlic, Goldenseal, Grapefruit Seed, Oregon Grape, Olive Leaf, Pau d’Arco and Vodka

DIRECTIONS: Take 10-30 drops 3x per day in juice, tea or other liquid for up to 1 month. The tincture should last 2-3 weeks if you take it 3x per day at 20 drops. Some folks may experience a die off of symptoms. If you do, increase your water intake and you can take a binder such as activated charcoal caps (can be bought at most drug stores or Amazon)

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. If you are pregnant or nursing, or have any health conditions, please consult a doctor before use.