Cold Sore Herbal Formula

Cold sore formula, 2 oz bottle (60ml)


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Cold Sore Herbal Tincture

This cold sore herbal tincture is made from high quality herbs and ingredients. I created it because a friend of mine told me about a similar formula she got from someone where she used to live. She said it was amazing and she used it right when she felt cold sores coming on and it wiped them out super fast! She was wondering if I could make something like it so that she would be able to have access to it still when hers ran out.

Here is her testimonial: “A midwife in Virginia made me up a tincture when I had a cold sore and I couldn’t believe it, it was gone in two days (I’ve had cold sores my whole life and believe me, at that stage, they are never gone on their own before at least two weeks). It kicked the crap out of even lysine. Essential oils work really quickly if you catch it before it erupts but I had never had success after it blistered until this tincture. ”

I have never had cold sores so I do not know from first hand experience how this works. However, I have had shingles OVER TWENTY TIMES in my life so far… and they come from related viruses. So… I am going to try this formula next time I get a shingles outbreak. But, it has been TWO YEARS since my last one (and before, I’d have them at least once per year so I have high hopes that I won’t be getting another one anytime soon!)

This formula would be good paired with the cold and flu formula. There are a ton of anti-viral herbs in that one.

The herbs included in this cold sore formula are:

St. John’s Wort: This herb comes to the rescue for raw nerves and wounds of flesh. It calms anxiety, melancholy and tension of the mind, nerves and body, as well as menopausal irritability. Externally, its antiseptic astringency aids healing of flesh wounds like sores, cuts, bruises, burns, hemorrhoids & varicose veins, and helps to calm swelling, stop bleeding & prevent infection, especially with weak immunity. It is also useful externally for sciatica, arthritis, spine ailments & fybromyalgia – anything ‘nervy’.

Lemon Balm: Lemon balm is a relaxing diaphoretic as opposed to a stimulating diaphoretic. Antiviral: destroys or suppresses growth of viruses, generally by supporting the immune system. Antioxidant: prevents free radical or oxidative damage. Lemon balm is a wonderful herb for multiple health conditions and was once considered “an herbal cure-all”.

Yarrow: Perhaps most famously, yarrow is prized for its benefits to wounds or minor bleeding. Its mild antiseptic and anodyne properties coupled with its ability to coagulate blood and stop bleeding make it the perfect ally in this case. These properties also make it useful in cases of hemorrhoids, post-partum care, bruises, and mouth sores, as well as internal bleeding. Yarrow beautifully harmonizes blood circulation and can be beneficial in cases of stagnation such as varicose veins or fibroids, as well as cases of overstimulated blood flow, such as hypertension.

Orange Peel: Orange peel is recommended for colds (in the early stage), asthma, constipation, flu, gums, mouth, slow digestion, and stress. It also shows promise as an anti-cancer agent. It’s also packed with Vitamin C that boosts immunity and helps the body fight off infections. The peel actually contains more Vitamin C than the fruit. The high levels of Vitamin C, histamine and it’s anti-inflammatory properties make it highly effective in cleansing the lungs

Herbal tinctures as medicine

Why are tinctures a preferred method of taking herbs? Because tinctures are potent! You don’t waste your money on pills that have been in the manufacturing process for months / years and lose potency! With an alcohol base, the tinctures pull out all the medicinal benefits of the plant, and preserve them naturally for you! They don’t lose potency over time.

With that being said, they are in a non-gmo vodka base. Which is fine for most people. But some people prefer to avoid alcohol in all forms. (even by avoiding real vanilla extract) and we support that choice. These tinctures aren’t for those people. Because of the potential for bacteria to reside in glycerine tinctures, we have decided to only offer vodka based tinctures. These herbs are edible and considered safe for most people. Some people may be allergic to certain herbs and should not use them. It is always best to consult your doctor before using any herbal product if you are taking prescription medications or have a health condition.

INGREDIENTS:  St. John’s Wort, Lemon Balm, Yarrow, Orange Peel and Vodka

DIRECTIONS: Take 20-30 drops every hour once you feel a cold sore coming on. You can take in juice, tea or other liquid. You can take it directly in your mouth if you can get over the taste! If you already have a cold sore, take 20-30 drops up to 5 times daily.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. If you are pregnant or nursing, or have any health conditions, please consult a doctor before use.