Detox Foot Pads – 400 Pack

400 detox foot pads. 40 packs. Each pack includes 5 pairs of 2. Free shipping.

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$0.78 each – a great price for the best quality detox foot pads on the market — no fillers, just pure ingredients! This is the perfect size for your whole family! The detox foot pads can be used by babies as well as adults.

Free priority mail shipping on orders over $100 to the US and military bases. Other orders will go first class mail. International customers please contact me first for shipping charges (via the contact us form on the website).

Detox Foot Pad Ingredients:

  • Oak Vinegar, 5%
  • Bamboo Vinegar, 16%
  • Tourmaline, 10%
  • Houttyunia Cordata, 7%
  • Eucalyptus, 22%
  • Chitosan, 10%
  • Agicarus Mushroom, 20%
  • Saurus Chinesis, 10%

Absolutely NO FILLERS! Only pure, wholesome, natural ingredients!

I am very adamant about offering a foot pad that does not contain fillers. I see a lot of foot pads out there that contain over 50% fillers, and refuse to degrade the quality of mine just to save a buck. So know that when you are using these foot pads, they are the best quality. Be wary of any manufacturer that has Dextrin, Vegetable Fiber or Cornstarch in their product. And, if they refuse to offer you a full ingredient list with the percentages of each ingredient, they are hiding something!

My tips for you when you first try these are to put 3 pads on each foot the first night: on your toes, on your arches and on your heels. In the morning, look at the pads and see what area of your foot is leeching out the most “goo” and then on the subsequent nights, focus on the area that you observed is pulling out the most toxins. That is the correlating area of your body that may be containing the most toxins. You are welcome to put 3 pads on each foot per night, or as you see fit. There is no “right” way to use these pads.

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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Because I know my detox foot pads work, I offer a money back guarantee on these foot pads. If you place an order and don’t feel like they have worked like they should, you can return any UNOPENED 10-packs (they come in packs of 10) that is in re-sellable condition, and I will refund you the amount you returned, minus the shipping costs to you. I don’t ask questions, but you are welcome to tell me why they didn’t work for you. I do get returns, actually. Maybe one or two per year, out of the thousands that I ship out. Only once in 12 years was it something to do with the pads not working for someone. I offer a refund via check, paypal, or if it was within the past 60 days, directly to the card you used to purchase the foot pads. I want you to be happy, so I will do my best to see that you are satisfied.

CAUTION: if you are allergic to mushrooms or shellfish, please be very cautious when using this product, as it contains those ingredients. While they do not absorb INTO your body (rather the pads pull things FROM your body), I still like to warn anyone who may be severely allergic. Also, if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, please don’t use them for long periods of time.