Moringa & Mint Loose Leaf Tea

4 oz loose leaf tea (over a month supply at daily use).

Great taste. Safe for kids.

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Moringa & Mint Loose Leaf Tea

This loose leaf tea is made from moringa leaves, both peppermint and spearmint leaves, and elder flowers. It is VERY refreshing! This is one of the best tasting herbal teas EVER! And it is full of health benefits! You can even make this as an ice tea and add some stevia for a nice summertime sweet tea. This is great for the whole family, including kids, too!

Here is some information about these herbs:

Moringa Leaves: A quick glance at the toted health benefits and folk uses of moringa may surprise the uninitiated. Here’s a taste: antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, hepatoprotective, hypotensive, cancer preventative and antitumor, cardiac tonic, urinary tract tonic, thyroid tonic, immunostimulant, antirheumatic, astringent, abortifacient, aphrodisiac… the list goes on. Nutrients include but are not limited to: Iron, Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, essential amino acids, calcium, vitamin K, antioxidants, vitamin C

Peppermint Leaves: Will inhibit mucous secretion temporarily because of it’s menthol component. It can be used whenever there is excess mucous secreted, helping also with it’s antispasmodic and carminative actions. Is one of the best carminatives available, having a relaxing effect on visceral muscles and relieving intestinal colic and flatulence. The volatile oil acts as a mild anaesthetic to the stomach wall which help with feelings of nausea during travel or pregnancy. Essential oil be used topically for rheumatism, sprains & strains. peppermint can have notable effects on the human brain by enhancing cognitive functions.

Spearmint Leaves: Health benefits include improving digestion, being high in antioxidants, and helping with memory.

Elder Flowers: Elder flower has been used across time & cultures as a cold and flu remedy that helps sweat out a fever and ‘release surface heat’ (as they say in Traditional Chinese Medicine). Elder flower tea can also help loosen and bring up phlegm in upper respiratory infections like influenza, bronchitis or sinusitis.

INGREDIENTS:  Moringa Leaves, Peppermint, Spearmint and Elder Flowers.

DIRECTIONS: Put 1-2 tsp into a tea steeper or tea bag, and in a mug, add boiling water over the top. You can adjust the amount of loose leaf tea or water, and even time steeped, to your preferences.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. If you are pregnant or nursing, or have any health conditions, please consult a doctor before use.