Whipped Tallow Balm – Rose Hips, Plantain, Calendula and Comfrey Infused — Unscented

Ozonated to combat free radicals on your skin.
Infused with calendula flowers, plantain, comfrey root and rose hips in argan and jojoba oils.
The best stuff EVER for your skin.


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Tallow Balm – Unscented – 4 oz. Rose Hips, Plantain, Calendula and Comfrey Infused

This is one of THE BEST face creams in the world! In this batch I infused calendula, rose hips, plantain and comfrey root into a 50/50 mix of Argan and Jojoba oils. Once infused, I ozonated the oil for over 100 hours. Ozone is AMAZING — the best thing to fight free radicals! Imagine the good it can do for your skin! My face feels amazing when using it, and I know you will love it!!

Then I used REAL tallow made from suet. Suet is the kidney fat on the cows, protecting their internal organs. Others use the inferior muscle fat, which does not have the same composition as tallow made from suet! Many creators don’t know the difference between those two types of fats. So all the tallow balms you see on Etsy and elsewhere, how do you know it’s made with real tallow? The kind that is rendered from suet? That’s the only real tallow out there that’s the best for skin! The rest is NOT AS GOOD!

Suet, as opposed to muscle fat, contains a higher level of a triglyceride known as glyceryl tri-stearate, otherwise known as stearin. I promise you this will be the healthiest tallow product you put on your skin!

And once I mixed the tallow with the oils, I put it in the jars. THIS IS WHIPPED AND UNSCENTED. Each batch I do will be slightly different. They all will use infused and ozonated oils and real suet rendered into tallow.